There are plenty of possibilities to make energy out of renewable biomass.

Novis is developing customer- and material specific solutions for heat and power generation.

Biogas from Residues

Biogas from chicken manure, cow dung, maize straw, roadside grass, banana peels, fruit and vegetables waste, oil press cake, slaughterhouse waste, palm oil mill effluents (POME) ...

Each substrate has its specific demand. Novis is offering tailor made solutions for each substrate and material combination.



Decentralized Energy

Providing electrical energy in Africa is a mayor challenge. In less developed regions, decentralized and independent micro grids are often less expensive then a long connection line to the national grid.

Novis is offering solutions starting from Diesel-hybrid-systems up to complete electrification of rural areas



Energy from ...

...other sources also offer interesting possibilities.

Dry biomass or municipal waste streams can be used for power generation, either with Pyrolysis plants, Waste to Energy (WtE) installations or specialized Incineration Plants.