Biogas from Residues

Production of biogas is often the most economic way to utilize wet waste.  However these substrate are usually not simple to handle and each biogas installation should be specifically adapted to the demands of the incoming mixture.

High nitrate contents, high contents of contaminats (like stones), swimming layers and sinking layers are only a few topics which have to be dealt with individually.

The slightly higher investment in technology is still worth the effort, due to the low price and availability substrates in large amount.


Novis has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and operation of biogas plants. All input substrates can be tested in our own laboratory to avoid unexpected surprises.

Biogas from....

In the last years we have tested and analized many different substrates from Asia and Africa their biogas potentials. We are happy to tell you about our experiences with banana peels, typha, grease from water skimming, cocoa shells, palm oil mill waste (see right), slaughterhouse waste and moring oleifera to name only a few out of the long list.

You can even use rice husk to generate biogas!

Biogas in...

Our  competence to design and build customized biogas plants for uncommon substrates makes Novis especially interesting when it comes to international projects. We have realized project in the following regions:



Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy


Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand,


Ivory Coast, Benin, Senegal, Kenia, Ghana, Guinea,Burkina Faso,

South America:


System Types



0 (gas for cooking) up to 50 kW


- Pilot plants

- Cooking gas to substitute wood as fuel

- Small-scale plants in developing countries


- Simple design with minimal use of electrical components

- Mainly manually operated

- Construction with locally available materials

- Low cost



50 kW up to 1 MW


- Agricultural biogas plants

- Waste disposal plants for medium industries

- Animal breeders


- Partly or fully automated

- Includes substrate conditioning (Hydrolysis)

- Usage of German high quality components

- Premanufactured technics center (container)

- Turn-key or shared planning



1MW up to 5 MW


- Agro-industrial biogas plants

- Waste disposal companies

- Waste disposal units at production facilities


- Fully automated

- Includes substrate conditioning (Hydrolysis)

- Usage of German high quality components

- Main components redundant

- Turn-key or shared planning