IFAT 2024 Munich

Who are we?

Novis specializes in biotechnological processing plants. Industrial biogas plants, industrial CO₂ plants and innovative bioreactors are manufactured to the highest standards. Our main goal is to promote the circular economy in industrial systems.

Our Misssion

  • Utilize waste and CO₂ for obtaining valuable materials.
  • Developing new industrials tools and biotechnological approaches.
  • Contribuiting nd advancing to innovative and economic approaches.
  • Demonstrating biobased innovation upscaling

Waste CO₂

Capturing and Liquification

Novis is manufacturing small to medium size CO₂ capturing units. CO₂ from fermentation or industrial sources is captured, cleaned, purified and liquefied for further use.


By coupling commercially available technology with advamced AI-aided measurement systems, we ensure efficient monitoring and control, paving the way for a cleaner, low-carbon future.


  • Proven technology for capturing fermentation off-gas
  • Development of technology for liquifying off-gas from industrial sources

Biogas plant

Novis is planning and building costumer oriented biogas plants, especially for utilizing high technical demanding waste materials.


Substrates in our Reference


  • sheep, chicken, horse and cow manure
  • spent mushroom champost
  • cocoa shells
  • slaughterhouse waste
  • municipal organic waste
  • etc.


for different purposes

  1. Cost effective
  2. Direct illumination to cultures (lights in water)
  3. Light is well adjusted according to the data of sensor reflected b biomass-density
  4. Fully independent and mobile bioreactor to fulfill spectic factor controls like OD (optical density), pH value, CO₂, O

Novis Flyer for IFAT 2024 - english
Using CO₂ from waste sources - Bio reactors for research - Biogas plants, if you want something a little bigger
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Novis Flyer zur IFAT 2024 - deutsch
CO₂- aus Abfallquellen nutzen - Bio Reaktoren für die Forschung - Biogasanlagen, wenns ein wenig größer sein soll
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