Incineration Plants

Incineration is a simple way to get rid of unusable waste streams according to legislation, if no other recovery process is advisable.

Compact and Modular


In co-operations with our partners we are planing and commissioning installations starting from 100 kg per hour up to large scale plants.



The installations are designed modular and are  infinitely scaleable.



The main task is the proper disposal of waste according to the legal standards for incineration.

Beyond this the installations can produce power as well as process heat.

Container Incinerators

Containerized incinerators are your choice if a solution has to be implemented on short notice. And if the waste stream is up to 5 tons/h.

Hospital Waste

Small and medium sized installations for the incineration of hospital waste ensure an environmentally safe disposal of toxic waste, according to all legal standards. The sizes range from 100 kg/h up to 5 tons/h.

Special Waste Streams

Some waste streams are causing special troubles. For example slaughterhouse waste and meat residues,  for which incineration is the only solution to get rid of.

For these applications we offer competitive solutions.