Process Development

Novis is curious. To gain a maximum of value from given resources, a standard process is usually not satisfying.

We are specialized to deliver our customers a tailor made process. In our own lab facilities we are testing, validating and optimizing such customized processes to get a maximum yield. Afterwards we are doing the patent application and the industrial implementation.

Even established processes could be optimized for our customers - there is always room for improvement.


Process Validation

External Lab Analysis

Our simulations are rapid and cost efficient when it comes to evaluate or to dimensioning new processes.

Novis has developed a number of special simulation tools to analyse questions from heat demand to biogas potentials.

Our spacious labs are equipped with state of the art infrastructure. This allows us  to perform most of the common analysis directly.

Besides it minimizes development times and the customers can see the actual status of his project.

Systems leaving our facilities are not only theoretically validated but get their prove of concept under real conditions.

Special and basic research is done by our highly qualified external labs or in a co-operation with neighbouring Universities. This minimizes insecurities before the investment of larger sums.