Smart Upgrading

Through our smart upgrading we make residues enter a second product life cycle.

A special field within our smart upgrading technologies is food upgrading. It means the upgrading of food industry by-products to foods suitable for human consumption

Cocoa Powder from Shells

A biotechnologically driven process is enabling the conversion of cocoa shells to cocoa powder.  Food-graded!


The process is based on a unique fermentation culture containing bacteria and enzymes. They are used in a secondary fermentation of the shells to remove unwanted parts and to ensure food safety. At the end the product is hygienic and free of contaminants.

After the secondary fermentation, the shells are alkalised, dried, milled and packed.


The first ever pilot installation has a throughput of 3.000 tons per year.


To the right you can see the main fermentation tank.

Fibrous composites


Since May 2019, Novis has been working together with the German Institute for Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), Hopfenpower and the joinery Nuding on the production of composite materials from digested hop residues.

There is an increasing market for sustainable and ecological products in the fiber composite industry. The use of natural fibers and bio-based plastics plays a decisive role. However, natural fibres must be specially grown for recycling and isolated from the plant.


The aim of the project is to develop a process chain that leads to a high-quality composite material made of fermented hop fibers. In this context, Novis develops the processes for processing the fibers from the biogas plants.