Studies of Potential

You have a material which you think has potential to be used? Let us talk about it! We know many different approaches of how value can be created from waste products. With our studies of potential we identify, describe and quantify the potential to generate value from your material sources. Because there is hidden value in everything!

Added value from plastics

1.000 tons of production waste consisting of PU/metal/ABS were incinerated daily, because the material combination seems to be inseperable and therefore not worth recycling.

In our laboratory we developed a process to separate the foam, remove the metal and grind the remaining ABS.

Afterwards the ABS pieces can be reused for extrusion. A test proved that the re-extruded material could be utilized directly in the production of new parts. This is a successful example for closing the loop in a circular economy!

Resources out of electronics waste

In the processing of waste electronics big metal parts can easyly be recovered with mechanical separation methods. What remains is a rather valueless mixture of metal, plastics and minerals with particle sizes of roundabout 0 to 30 mm.

In the course of a study of potential we could combine a bioleaching process with an innovative optical sorting. As a result, a further potential to generate value out of this waste stream was created.

Feasibility studies


You have found a material which can be upgraded? To be able to evaluate if an investment is viable, many aspects have to be considered:


- Location factors like logistics, availability of space, acceptence of neighbours,...


 - Econimical factors like cost and financing estimations


 - Technical feasibility like choice of machines, plant concept,...


- Availabilty of ressources from substrate to manpower, potential for the sales of the final product,...


- Legal aspects like building legislation, trade restrictions,...


- Comparisson between differnet options and their respective effects (sensitivity analysis)


- Risk assessment


We analyse all of this for you in detail and quantified with numbers in a feasibility study. The results can be used as an objective basis for a decision, if it is worth investing in the project. Of course the study is also the main tool to secure loans and attract investors.

What is on your mind?

Do you have residues which have to be disposed expensively? Maybe it is even possible to sell them profitably?


Are you looking for support in engineering of innovative systems? Do you have a process worth scaling up to the industrial level?


Let us talk about it. With the help of a picture or sample of your material we can quickly decide wether it is worth dealing more intensively with it or not.


A study of potential will identify in which way your material can be used most efficiently.


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