Project Management

Reach your goals with Novis. We accompany our customers in their projects all the way from the first idea to the supply of spare parts. During this time we stay in close contact with our customers and respect their special requests. A constructive and transparent project managemant is especially important when it comes to international projects. A selection of success stories throughout the last years can be found in Projects.


Communication is our first priority. Only with the help of a close interaction throughout the whole project duration, a satisfying result for all participating parties can be achieved. Regular project meetings are part of our everyday work, as well as the maintenance of joint communication platforms.

Project preparation

In the past Novis has supported many projects in the earliest stages. We can draw on a braod experiance in financing and subsidies. Especially in the field of international development aid.


For 20 years Novis has realized projects in the fields of energy generation, biotech and waste valorization. In the biogas sector we were among the first to construct modern plants.

We have an especially extensive experience in international project management. Adapted communication strategies were developed to cover large distances and sometimes significant differences in technical standards. Every new project can profit from the specifically developed tools.


Clear, transparent structures are the core of our project management. Only with an elaborate and detailed documentation the success of a project can be measured and implementation strategies can be improved.

Our precise work is reflected in our cost and time plans, in reports, protocols and our documentation. Convince yourself of the quality of our services!