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We´re happy beeing awarded the "Best Concept for Growth". During a offical evening event, Novis was proud to take the honour, taking place June 2016.

Novis in Bouaké


Nakopa is financing a project of the town of Reutlingen. On behalf on this project, Novis is building nine biogas plants in Bouaké, replacing firewood cooking in school cantees by cleaner biogas. National press reported kindly on the outcomes of the initial mission onsite (french only).

A detailled report in the newspaper of Reutlingen (GEA) you can find  here. (03/2017)

Novis in Biopro Magazine

In 10/2016 the BioPro Magazine reported about the Novis "Bioleaching" process. One of the mentioned news was the newly established co-operation between University of Tuebingen, University of Rottenburg and Novis.

The collaboration is about the Bioleaching of ashes from Wood Incineration.

We´re happy to announce this powerful co-operation.

Ideas ... for success


Novis Portrait was reported in Reutlingen based GEA.

To read the full article (sorry: German only), please follow this link.

Into the fallow land


German newspaper "Markt und Mittelstand" reported in march 2017 about business opportunities in  Africa.

Novis was asked to add its experiences from the last ten years.

To read the report, just click.


Timeless News

Thomas Helle at the SWR

On 18.09.2014 the Interview at the SWR was broadcasted in the TV.

To get you own impression, just follow the link to the full Video.

SWR1 - People Talk

The 01.08.2014 Thomas Helle was hosted by broadcasting station SWR1 in the show "Leute" ("People"), a popular radio broadcast. Moderated by Stefan Siller, the talks are about Africa, cocoa shells and how to use psychology as management approach.

The full interview you will find on the pages of SWR1 or click here.

Elevator Pitch 10/2016

Team of Novis is happy to receive the second place in the Elvator Pitch 2016.

Credits Photo: Elevator Pitch BW 2016