As a planning office engineering is our daily business. From the first idea to final execution plans confirming to national and internation standards, there is a long way. The Novis engineers have followed it for many years. We use professional, state-of-the-art software suitable for each specific demand.

Design planning

- Rough schematic plans

- Visualization of future site use

- Customer-oriented decision-making tools for project ideas

- Satellite-based future views of sites

Approval planning

- Necessary plans for operation permits (ATEX-zones-plans, risk plans,...)

- Necessary plans for construction applications

- Necessary plans for environmental impact studies, emission studies, storage logistics,...


Execution planning

- Detailed execution plans

- Manufacturing plans

- Media line plans (water, gas, cables,...)

- Civil works plans

Piping- and instrumentation planning

- Process flow charts

- Piping and instrumentation diagrams (PID)

- Sankey-diagrams

Construction activities planning

- Part lists

- Construction/project time schedules

- Interface plans

Electrical planning

- Switchboard plans

- Cable lists

- Grid plans

- Control plans

Tender planning

- Tender documents

- Product specification

- Performance specifications