Food-Upgrading is the up-valuation of by-products of the food industry to products suitable for human consumption.

Rice husk, distillers spent grains or cocoa shells are a few prominent examples for high values from former by-products.

Cocoa Powder from Shells

A biotechnologically driven process is enabling the conversion of cocoa shells to cocoa powder.  Food-graded!


The process is based on a unique fermentation culture containing bacteria and enzymes. They are used in a secondary fermentation of the shells to remove unwanted parts and to ensure food safety. At the end the product is hygienic and free of contaminants.

After the secondary fermentation, the shells are alkalised, dried, milled and packed.


The first ever pilot installation has a throughput of 3.000 tons per year.


To the right you can see the main fermentation tank.

Snacks from Distillers Spent Grains

DSG is a by-product of beer brewing which is mostly used as animal feedstock.

With our special biotech treatment, we are able to produce a high value and high nutritional product for human consumption.

Together with the Lomonossov University of Moscow we identified bacteria strains which preserve the DSG. A second enzymatic fermentation is transforming lignin parts of the DSG to sugar to enhance the taste.

Bread from Rice Husk

In the course of our development to transforming cocoa shells to cocoa powder we also analysed and tested rice husk.

By applying a biotechnological process we are able to produce flour from shells, which can be used for baking bread and similar products.

With annually 60 million tons of rice shells - being mostly burned at the moment - there is a significant potential.