Added Value from Incineration Slag

Incineration slag or bottom ashes are our main topic when it comes to leaching processes. Annually 5 million tonnes of slag are produced only in Germany.

After a dry mechanical treatment of incineration slag - where magnetic and non-magnetic metals are removed - the slag often ends up in a dump site or underground. The disposal is expensive! 

In co-operation with the University of Tuebingen and industrial partners, we have developed our own and unique bioleaching processes.  They are able to recover valuable metals out of incineration slag and at the same time remove water-soluble heavy metals and salts. This enables us to use the remaining slag as a substitute for coarse aggregate in the concrete production. Avoiding disposal costs, closing the recylcing loop and using the material as an environmentally friendly substitute for a natural ressource is a triple win for our customers as well as for the economy and the environment.

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